JISC RSC Wales - Wireless survey


This survey is to look at the user experience and security of wireless provision at RSC Wales Supported Learning providers.  The survey focuses on access to the network i.e. the procedure a learner would use to connect a device to the institutions Wireless Network.


Whilst other areas can affect the user experience such as wireless coverage across the estates, and web-filtering (in the context of what is and isn’t filtered) these are outside the scope of this survey.

The survey will be used by JISC RSC Wales, firstly as part of a presentation on how learners own devices are supported at learning providers, secondly to inform future projects and services from the RSC.

Anonymised data maybe shared/circulated in-some cases pubically, but for the benefit of organisations in the education and public sector.

We may (on request) provide each organisation with a copy of all data submitted about them.

There are 22 questions in this survey.