Qol-Grav Questionnaire 3 public

The Qol-Grav questionnaire is a questionnaire design specifically for pregnant women to record information about their quality of life during pregnancy and postpartum.

Dear participant,

You have opened the link to the questionnaire QOL-GRAV, which evaluates the quality of your life affected by pregnancy and postpartum. Please read each question, evaluate your feelings and mark, that number of the scale for each question, which characterizes your answer in the best way. Scoring corresponds to school grading, ie. 1 is the best rating, 5 is the worst. Please, evaluate gradually all questions (not a single item can be skipped or omitted). Thank you for your cooperation. For further information, please contact your doctor.


The questionnaire is form by four sections:

1. Questions from 1 to 5 inquire on how much you have experienced some changes during your pregnancy or poatpartum in the last two weeks.


2. Questions 6 asks to what extent you perform certain activities


3. Questions from 7 to 9 focus on how you were satisfied with some areas of life in last two weeks.


4. Some demographic data.


Do not hesitate to contact me (olga.roldanreoyo@swansea.ac.uk) if you have any queries filling in the questionnaire.


Kind regards. =)