Student and non-student views of funding higher education in Wales

This survey has been designed by Year 2 Geography students at Swansea University and will be used only for research purposes.


The purpose of this survey is to investigate whether students and non-students have differing views on different aspects of higher education funding in Wales.

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This survey is completely anonymous. You will not be required to enter any personal identifying information and none of the answers you give can be traced back to you individually.


This survey is split into two sections. The first contains some simple background information such as age range and estimated household income. The second section focusses more deeply on your opinions of different higher education policies that are being used across the UK, and also which you think would best suit Wales in the future.


For ethical reasons, you must be 18 or older to participate in the survey.


The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.


Many questions offer the opportunity to add further comments to explain the reasoning for your answers. Whilst these are not always mandatory, it would be very helpful to know your specific thoughts on different questions.


You can stop the survey at any point, but please note that your answers will not be saved unless you complete the whole survey.


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