Local Air Quality Management - Survey 1 - for individual officers

This survey is for officers with responsibility for carrying out any aspect of Local Air Quality Management work, for example, Environmental Health Officer, Pollution Control Officer, Environmental Protection Officer, Team Leader, Manager, Technician, etc.


Thank you for your interest in this survey.  This is work is being conducted by researchers at the Centre for Health, Environmental Management, Research and Innovation (CHEMRI), which is jointly based in the School of Management and Medical School at Swansea University.  The group is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people of Wales through better management of environmental pollution and resources, with a focus on air quality management.  We are particularly interested in airborne particulate pollution and are investigating ways in which exposure in Wales can be reduced to improve the health of patients with chronic respiratory and cardiovascular disease.  We are also evaluating effective, low-cost air pollution monitoring technologies that can be deployed quickly and effectively to provide greater spatial coverage than is currently offered by the existing air quality monitoring networks.

This survey is designed to capture detail on the level of skills, knowledge and experience of officers who have responsibility for implementing Local Air Quality Management in Wales. 

Data obtained through this survey will be used for research purposes only to establish patterns and trends in the adminstration of the LAQM regime in Wales.  Data may be used in anonymised form in academic publications.  Personal data will not be shared outside of Swansea University.  If you have any queries regarding the use of the data collected via this survey, please contact Victoria Seller at v.t.seller@swansea.ac.uk.