Residential Perspective on Greener Grangetown’s success in the face of climate change

Hello, I'm Jenna and I’m in my third year at Swansea University doing Human Geography. I’m studying the: ‘Residential Perspective of Greener Grangetown’s success in the face of climate change.’

Greener Grangetown - Arup

"Greener Grangetown was a sustainable drainage system (SuDS) project that concluded in 2018, designed to transform the quality of the public realm and improve cycling and pedestrian infrastructure across a city centre neighbourhood. The result is a more resilient urban sewer network and a street environment that is more attractive - and more useful - for residents and commuters."

This study aims to discover how successful residents find ‘Greener Grangetown’ in improving and transforming the quality of the area, reducing surface water flood risk and reducing future impacts of climate change.


For further info. on the 'Greener Grangetown' scheme see:

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